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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

It's all about EAST FLATBUSH!!

I like in East Flatbush, Brooklyn, NY. My neighborhood falls into the 41st District. My City Council Member is Darlene Mealy. She had been our city council's member since January 2006. She was born in Micigan and raised in Brooklyn. She attended various schools in Brooklyn including Wingate High School in East Flatbush. She is committed to bringing a positive change to our community. For many years gang violence has been a major problem in East Flatbush. I've been followed to my house, I've had friends who's been a victim of a hit and run, and even known people who's been shot right on my corner. I didn't want to live in East Flatbush anymore. But, we can't run from problems because once reality hit you... Wherever you go there is VIOLENCE!

As I completed this assignment, I was forced to pick an issue in my neighborhood and find a solution for it. I thought of many ways to get help for my community and help starts as small as calling 311. I spoke to a representative about where to get help on the gang violence in my community. Since I made that phone call and reported many things in the neighborhood I've seen many improvements made. I personally spoke to Ms. Mealy and she came out to our block association meeting to speak on many problems. I really appreciated her devotion to the community and making everyone feel safe and comfortable. Police cameras were placed on many central corners where community issues and violence has been reported. When I moved to East Flatbush 2 years ago, there were many reported shootings, car accidents, and rapes in this community. As a result of the many block association meetings and council members support, the crime and violence rate has decreased. I feel safer to walk down streets at night without having to worry as much as before.

As I was completing my assignment, I realized how irrelevent other state and city officials were to my life. They dont directly come out to my community and solve problems, they think about people as a general whole instead of as in individual. I didnt find a reason to have any of them listed because I never seen progress made that affected my life. Therefore, I appreciate Ms. Darlene Mealy because she takes time to come into the neighborhood and speak on the solutions she has devised to make improvements in our community!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Jean-Baptiste Pointe duSable

Jean Baptiste Point Du Sable was born in San Marc, Haiti, in 1745. In 1764 Du Sable and his friend Jacques Clemorgan moved from Haiti to New Orleans. He met their future partner of a trading post in New Orleans, and later in what would become Peoria, Illinois. The young man Du Sable and Clemorgan met was Choctaw, a Native American from the Great Lakes. Du Sable, Clemorgan, and Choctaw later moved to Illinois. It was here that Du Sable and Clemorgan learned the skills they would use later at their trading post. They learned how to set traps and where to find martens. Pontiac asked Du Sable and Clemorgan to arrange a peace treaty between the Ottawa, Miami, and Illinois tribes. Du Sable eagerly arranged the meeting in order to restore peace between the tribes.


Jean-Baptiste Pointe DuSable had many achievements in his lifetime. He was known as the "Founder of Modern Chicago" because he established the first permanent residence in Chicago. He was Chicago's first black resident and he married an Indian. He had two children and build a farm by the Chicago River. He is also known for being a successful entrepreneur!!!

1730s – 1745: Jean-Baptiste Pointe duSable was born
duSable built his first house
1779: Arrived on Western Shores of Lake Michigan
1780- 1784:
duSable managed the Pinery
1800s: Operated the first elaborate fur-trading post
Left Chicago for Peoria, Illinois.
1813: Moved to St. Charles
Died and buried in St. Borromeo Cemetery in St. Charles
1913: duSable Bill of Sale discovered by Milo M. Quaife
1934: duSable High School Opened
Was recognized by the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago as the Founder
1968: Tombstone made for his grave
1976: Home site listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a National Historic Landmark
US Postage Service issued a Black Heritage Series, 22 cent stamp in his honor; duSable park announced by Mayor Harold Washington
Film Festival organized by the duSable Heritage Association and a Haitian Classical Music Concert dedicated to Jean-Baptiste.

Embracing the Legacy (Contribution) / Activism:
duSable Heritage Association (DHA) is an affiliate of the Association of Haitian Physicians Abroad (AMHE), a 30-year old non-profit organization with seven chapters in the U.S. and Canada. DHA's mission is to promote the legacy of Jean-Baptiste Pointe duSable, the founder of Chicago, through cultural and educational activities. The DHA's main project was to work with the coalition for duSable Park and the Chicago Park District Steering Committee to build a park in Chicago named after duSable.

In 2004, DHA put together a film festival and a Haitian Classical Music Concert in dedication to Jean-Baptiste Pointe duSable. They also worked with the Lycée Français in Chicago to teach elementary students about the role of duSable in the settlement of the American Midwest.

duSable High School is a Bronzeville high school opened in 1934 in recognition of Jean-Baptiste Pointe duSable. duSable Museum of African American History was named in his honor on Chicago's South Side. duSable Harbor is in the heart of downtown Chicago along with the duSable Park that was announced in 1987 by the Mayor for being named after such a historical figure. Jean-Baptiste Pointe du Sable home site is listed in the National Register of Historic Places as a National Historic Landmark in 1976. In recognition of his pioneering role, the US Postal Service issued a Black Heritage Series, 22 cent stamp in his honor in 1987.

Friday, February 15, 2008

This whole SATILLITE crap!!!

U.S. will down failed satellite
February 15, 2008 By Bill Gertz -

The Pentagon's plan to shoot down a failed satellite with a missile defense interceptor in the coming days is aimed at preventing toxic fuel from reaching earth. But U.S. officials and experts said yesterday it would also signal that U.S. missile defenses can be used to counter China's strategic anti-satellite weapons. China conducted its first successful test of an anti-satellite (ASAT) weapon on Jan. 11, 2007, in what defense and military officials called a new strategic threat to the United States. Bush administration defense and national security officials involved in interagency discussions on the satellite destruction plan said one reason for using the missile defense system against a space target would be to highlight its potential as an ASAT weapon. The Pentagon has been discussing ways to deter and counter China's ASAT weapon, which can threaten U.S. military and civilian communications, especially command and control systems involving satellites. Publicly, however, officials who announced the plan yesterday sought to play down the ASAT capability. The Greyhound bus-sized intelligence satellite failed shortly after launch in 2006. Intended to conduct both electronic eavesdropping and photographic intelligence-gathering, the satellite contains a large tank of unused toxic fuel called hydrazine. The fuel would pose a health risk if the tank survived re-entry and landed in a populated area. The satellite has been gradually moving closer to the atmosphere and could come down some time in the next several weeks. Since the satellite cannot be maneuvered to fall into the ocean, the plan calls for firing a modified Navy SM-3 anti-missile interceptor from an Aegis battle management system equipped warship in the northern Pacific, as the satellite nears the atmosphere. It will be the first time a missile defense interceptor will be used against a satellite, something that has not been attempted since the 1980s, when the Pentagon tested an anti-satellite missile from a jet fighter. The administration began notifying the world community about the plan late last month, Deputy National Security Adviser James Jeffries told reporters in announcing the plan. Asked if the modified SM-3 will be viewed by some foreign states as an ASAT weapon, Mr. Jeffries said that whatever other nations might think, "the truth" is that the missile strike is meant to prevent the hyrdazine tank from landing in a populated area. Marine Corps Gen. James E. Cartwright, vice chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, however, made clear that the Navy interceptor, which is designed to hit ballistic missiles as they transit space, was picked because of its ability to hit targets in space. "Does it have the kinetic capability? That's why we picked it. But you'd have to go in and do modifications to ships, to missiles, to sensors and they would be significant" before it could be an effective ASAT system, he said during the meeting with reporters. "This is an extreme measure for this problem," Gen. Cartwright said. "It is not transferrable to a fleet configuration." Gen. Cartwright was asked if the missile shot will show China a U.S. ASAT capability and he did not answer directly. To configure the missile against the satellite, SM-3 software is being modified that will help guide its nonexplosive warhead to the satellite, which is traveling at about 22,000 miles an hour. Three missiles will be available for the satellite shot and if successful it will result in most of the debris burning up in the atmosphere over several weeks or a month. China's ASAT weapon test, by contrast, used a ground-based missile to hit an orbiting Chinese weather satellite, and it left some 2,500 pieces of debris in a belt 527 miles in space that military officials say poses a danger to both manned and unmanned spacecraft. U.S. military and national security officials said the Chinese ASAT test is part of China's asymmetric warfare capabilities and represents a new strategic weapon that could cripple the U.S. military in a future conflict by giving Beijing the capability to shoot down most low-earth orbit satellites. The window for the shootdown could begin in the next three or four days and last for as many as eight days, Gen. Cartwright said. Announcement of the plan comes as China and Russia renewed an international effort to ban weapons in space. John Tkacik, a China specialist at the Heritage Foundation, said the proposed China-Russia agreement, if enforced, would prevent the missile shot against the satellite. "We have a fleet of Aegis destroyers, including those in the Pacific, and the Japanese have several," Mr. Tkacik said. "The demonstration of these anti-mission capabilities against a satellite, regardless whether it intended as a signal to China or not, will certainly get the attention of the Chinese." Mr. Jeffries said President Bush authorized the anti-satellite blast because of concerns that if the satellite fell in a populated area "there was a possibility of death or injury to human beings beyond that associated with the fall of satellites and other space objects normally." "Specifically, there was enough of a risk for the president to be quite concerned about human life," he said.

This crap is crazy! I know it's a lot to read but it's worth it!!! Be aware of what's going on in your society!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Thirteen/WNET African American Lives-The Story In History


February 13, Channel 13, 9pm
Choose one of the interviee's and discuss the following:
-Describe the significant's of the interviee's last name
-Historical Events significant to their families

The Infamous Morgan Freeman!!

Morgan Freeman is among the many prestigious actors known to man. He is an Academy Award and Golden Globe award- winning actor, producer, and director. Morgan Freeman is one of my favorite actor's. Over the years he became one of Hollywood's most popular and respected actor. He received Oscar nominations for films such as Street Smarts, Driving Miss Daisy, The Shawshank Redemption, and the Million Dollar Baby. In the television production African American Lives, Morgan Freeman speaks on his ancestry.
His great grandparents were forced to move from North Carolina to Mississippi between the 1790s and 1860s to create the cotton kingdom. His close family, including his mother and grandmother, both taught at the Mary Holmes School in Mississippi. The Mary Holmes School was known for the dedication to the education of Black Women. His grandmother was also known for being interviewed by the Works Progress Administration.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.

Martin Luther King, Jr. was a motivating force. Many people look up to him everyday and live by many of his inspirational words. Two quotes by Martin Luther King, Jr. that I truly respect are:

Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into friend. -Martin Luther King, Jr.
I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. -Martin Luther King, Jr.

My thoughts:
Dr. Martin Luther King has many quotes that inspire people all over the world. I picked quotes about love because there is so many hatred in the world today. His first quote inspires me because it speaks on how love can turn your worst enemy into your friend. Just like in the bible, God says to love your enemy. Having unconditional love for the world will surely make you a happy person, because even if someone doesn't like you, they will feel stupid running around wasting a lot of time hating you, when in your heart you have a lot of love for them. This is why I picked these two quotes, because love should be spread all across the world and it's important to talk about it.
  • Do you think these quotes are inspirational?
  • How do you think Martin Luther King, Jr. was capable of loving so many people even though they hated him? Do you think it was easy to transform these enemies into friends in his heart?
  • How does Martin Luther King, Jr. motivate you in everyday life?

Blog By: Kalisha Carrington January 16, 2008